meeroos still a mystery

boxes of meeroos

I recently heard stories of widespread starvation amongst the meeroo population, although it turns out their food supply has now been restored and that reports were in any case somewhat exaggerated.

I realised that I knew next to nothing about the operation of breedable ‘pets’ (as a non-human sentient being I find the term highly problematic), so decided to investigate. I soon located a ranch advertising breedables galore. Boxes of meeroos were displayed on tables in a rudimentary farmyard, but it was hard to make sense of the contents. ‘Petting sessions’ were advertised, but I saw no action at all. I was drowning in lag soup so decided that these new-fangled tamagotchi things would have to remain a mystery for the time being.

I headed into a nearby savannah plain inhabited by friendly grazing giraffes, and took the opportunity to ask if they were acquainted with Earl the Giraffe, with whom I shared swampland last year. Sadly I lost touch with him when the sim we squatted in was wiped; he was last heard of complaining about the dynamics in our commune and accusing the rest of us of using him as a political football.

These giraffes munched sagely on their grass as I talked of Earl, but they didn’t have much to say.

friendly giraffes

One of the ideas which emanated from the swamp was an animal Tarot, with giraffes as pentacles. So the pics above give us the 4 and 3 of Giraffes.


moons and Junes and ferris wheels

Weird wheely things have been a theme in the last few days. I was absent-mindedly flying past another fairground when I bumped into a ferris wheel. As you do.

I didn't see the ferris wheel coming at me

As I was heading away from this bruising encounter I glimpsed myself spreadeagled across the sky and bingo! The Wheel of Fortune. All change!

The Wheel of Fortune?

Where I was brought up this kind of structure was always called a ‘big wheel’; these days my local one is the London Eye. Ferris wheels always sound wonderfully exotic: so American. I checked on their history and discovered that the first one was designed by a Mr Ferris in 1893, for an exposition in Chicago.

For the rest of the day I was stuck with an earworm of Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now. Her voice is a bit shrill for my taste, but I do think ‘Moons and Junes and Ferris wheels/the dizzy dancing way you feel/when every fairy tale comes real’ is a great lyric. Many fairy tales come real in SL, of course.

Just before I crashed again I ran into a timewarp, and my internal soundtrack cranked out tunes from The Rocky Horror Show. ‘Just a jump to the left … and then a step to the right.’ A couple of clicks took me to a clever machinima version on YouTube:

Let's do the timewarp again

I don’t know very much about machinima methodology, but this article helped:

weird wheely stuff

I am noticing increasing signs of inworld urban decay. I visited a bargain-basement mall where the wallpaper was peeling and there was rubbish on the floor.  A 12-piece set of kitchen unit was on special offer for L$50. The entire shop contents could have been mine for about five quid. But who really needs a virtual microwave and dishwasher?

Do I need to do my virtual washing?

I took an immersive ride on the local monorail which took me to Artsea Amusement Park., which was full of inventive equipment but empty of avs.

immersive monorail

I tried out a weird wheely ride which seemed to involve gravity-defying inverted soup bowls. Slow rezzing made for Daliesque landscapes, with floating, melting spheres, ladders leading nowhere and a superhero with detached socks.

weird wheely ride

Dali superman





alien and unconventional

I’ve never been to First Life Japan, but the versions in Second Life are breathtakingly beautiful.

a breathtaking SL version of Japan

Later I went looking for a humanoid avatar for occasions when fur doesn’t feel right. I wanted something alien and unconventional, but gave up after every mall I visited was full of pneumatic Barbiealikes. Guess I’ll have to build my own again.

in the driving seat but not exactly in charge

I wanted to move forward in a decisive and powerful fashion. The Chariot came to mind, so I went looking for one. Roma seemed the obvious place. It was, like so many painstakingly produced sims in SL, empty.

galloping through a deserted city

Almost immediately I was offered a whip to wear, but the horses were hard to rezz. Eventually I found a vehicle which let me sit on it, and I was taken on a brisk gallop through a deserted city. There seemed no way of steering my chariot, and no way of controlling its speed. I was in the driving seat but not exactly in charge and it was invigorating if bumpy ride. I toured a temple or two and checked out the home of The Sun god. Alas, he was but a bot.

but a bot

a two of pentacles situation

One mission I have is to explore ways of using the Tarot for learning. As ever in Second Life, new journeys start with some shopping. Yesterday I bought a Tarot deck complete with a table to lay it out on. At the moment I am homeless so I had to find a sandbox to try out in and crashed three times in teleport attempts. Eventually I found a building spot but was completely foxed by the table. I appear to have forgotten the basics of building, such as rotating objects, and in any case whenever I clicked on the table it offered me another spread, and soon I was overrrun with major and minor arcana. Too Sorcerer’s Apprentice for words.

Stuck between a couple of pentacles

Later on I found myself in a two of pentacles situation. I am trying to juggle money and develop some new skills. I very much dislike feeling like a novice but I am working on humility, patience and ‘being coachable’ as they say in the human growth business. These don’t come easy.