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SL still lonely

I continue to explore Second Life in solitary fashion, wondering if ‘still lonely’ describes others’ experience in this mostly empty place.

The other day I did manage to meet up with a friend, a blue-skinned humanoid. We hung out in a deserted Japanese-themed village.

no room for reflection in SL

When I first looked at this photo, I thought perhaps we had stumbled upon that unheard of object in SL: a mirror. But then I realised that the image in the frame behind my friend was another photograph. It seems there is no room for reflection in SL as yet: the technicalities of capturing mirror images in this virtual universe are presently mind-boggling.

We headed off to explore some new SL destinations, and my companion was attracted by a place which seemed to promise a welcome to those of blue skin. However, she ventured too close to a blue giant who turned out to be a representation of the savage goddess Kali. A click in the wrong place and my friend was laid out on a sacrificial slab.

on a sacrificial slab

Of course, escape from peril is easy to accomplish in SL. Another click and with one bound our heroine was free to explore this creepy place of skulls.


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