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low in pentacles and hanging around

I’m low in pentacles at the moment and technically homeless. After a busy day with the cards and some advanced brain-training with word games, I took some time out on a seedy sofa in a roach-ridden flophouse I found in some twilight zone. There were worn-out mattresses and grunting sound effects, but no other residents as far as I could tell. At 3.50am there were crashing sounds overhead but I believe I was on the top floor.

Since my stance at the moment is hanging around while my artistic partner Mr Wolf gears himself up to some digital artwork I thought my theme for today might be The Hanged Cat, but I failed to find a poseball which would enable me to turn upside down while gracefully pointing my toes in opposite directions and looking blissful. The sofa shot will have to suffice.

hanging around on a seedy sofa


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