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from the magician to the ace of wands and back again

Since The Fool is already spoken for I have been working on ideas for card 1, The Magician (or perhaps The Hacker). I went in search of some enlightenment from a wise mentor, particularly someone with powers as a trickster and shapeshifter, so when a sim called Abracadabra came up in a search I thought it sounded promising. I armed myself with a torch to light my way in the snowy wasteland, thinking it would double as a club in case the shapeshifting turned feral. And since the last card I drew was the Ace of Wands, I think the torch counts as a wand for the purpose of ticking another card off the list.

a torch (or the Ace of Wands) for the snowy wasteland

deserted but for the odd bot

Abracadabra appeared cold and empty save for a few bots. I found what seemed to be an information centre. There was no wizard on duty, but a slow rezzing deserted auditorium lazily looped another boring PowerPoint presentation.

another boring PowerPoint presentation

My auditions for a suitable warlock, wizard or other performer for the role of Magicians continue.


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