another cat of the day

Maybe I’ll stick with catkind in First Life for a while. For more than 24 hours I have been completely without broadband connection and very frustrating it has been. But of course I wasn’t completely deprived of media because the camera on my iPhone enabled me to document my day. Cat of yesterday was definitely Stanley. He lives a few doors down on the Lauriergracht, and he is a British Blue of HUGE proportions. He strikes fear and loathing into the hearts of neighbouring dogs.



cat of the day

I have been so busy bemoaning the sketchy nature of my Second Life that I have been failing to focus on First Life matters which flow on regardless of the state of my broadband connection. So here is a real-life analogue cat which receives my cat of the day nomination for its patience in posing while I fiddled with my ‘phone. We met in a back street close to the Bloemgracht, Amsterdam, and I think there was a suggestion of Zorro around the eyes.

looking a little like Zorro

SL still lonely

I continue to explore Second Life in solitary fashion, wondering if ‘still lonely’ describes others’ experience in this mostly empty place.

The other day I did manage to meet up with a friend, a blue-skinned humanoid. We hung out in a deserted Japanese-themed village.

no room for reflection in SL

When I first looked at this photo, I thought perhaps we had stumbled upon that unheard of object in SL: a mirror. But then I realised that the image in the frame behind my friend was another photograph. It seems there is no room for reflection in SL as yet: the technicalities of capturing mirror images in this virtual universe are presently mind-boggling.

We headed off to explore some new SL destinations, and my companion was attracted by a place which seemed to promise a welcome to those of blue skin. However, she ventured too close to a blue giant who turned out to be a representation of the savage goddess Kali. A click in the wrong place and my friend was laid out on a sacrificial slab.

on a sacrificial slab

Of course, escape from peril is easy to accomplish in SL. Another click and with one bound our heroine was free to explore this creepy place of skulls.

business elsewhere

It’s weeks since I was here. My typist has been concerned with what is called ‘business elsewhere’. This usually means some First Life drama with which I have no patience. I am trying to practise radical self-reliance by getting to grips with the nuances of WordPress settings and learning some uploading skills. WP is certainly not an intuitive system in the matter of arranging images and constructing galleries. I seem to find more and more mistakes to make each time I try to edit a page. I am trying not to scream and swear.

I was looking for images to illustrate the theme of patience as a virtue.  I enjoyed this intriguing site.

justice and a star

It seemed my card of the day was Justice, so I went looking for her/him. She (I think she has breasts) was a lumpy, blindfolded figure in a bleak landscape a bit like a car park. I think there were some courts nearby, but no avatars.

a blindfolded, lumpy Justice

If it is justice for me today, I said to myself, I guess I shall get what I deserve. Then I landed in a sort of military airfield and suddenly the Star was there in front of me. A hopeful sign, I decided.

a hopeful Star sign

low in pentacles and hanging around

I’m low in pentacles at the moment and technically homeless. After a busy day with the cards and some advanced brain-training with word games, I took some time out on a seedy sofa in a roach-ridden flophouse I found in some twilight zone. There were worn-out mattresses and grunting sound effects, but no other residents as far as I could tell. At 3.50am there were crashing sounds overhead but I believe I was on the top floor.

Since my stance at the moment is hanging around while my artistic partner Mr Wolf gears himself up to some digital artwork I thought my theme for today might be The Hanged Cat, but I failed to find a poseball which would enable me to turn upside down while gracefully pointing my toes in opposite directions and looking blissful. The sofa shot will have to suffice.

hanging around on a seedy sofa

from the magician to the ace of wands and back again

Since The Fool is already spoken for I have been working on ideas for card 1, The Magician (or perhaps The Hacker). I went in search of some enlightenment from a wise mentor, particularly someone with powers as a trickster and shapeshifter, so when a sim called Abracadabra came up in a search I thought it sounded promising. I armed myself with a torch to light my way in the snowy wasteland, thinking it would double as a club in case the shapeshifting turned feral. And since the last card I drew was the Ace of Wands, I think the torch counts as a wand for the purpose of ticking another card off the list.

a torch (or the Ace of Wands) for the snowy wasteland

deserted but for the odd bot

Abracadabra appeared cold and empty save for a few bots. I found what seemed to be an information centre. There was no wizard on duty, but a slow rezzing deserted auditorium lazily looped another boring PowerPoint presentation.

another boring PowerPoint presentation

My auditions for a suitable warlock, wizard or other performer for the role of Magicians continue.